Polishing portland stone floor.

Is your stone floor looking as good as it was when it was new ?
It may need cleaning or polishing.
Stone floors, every year or two, benefit from a professional clean. This removes any build-up of dirt and care products and gives it back its original appearance.

When stone is first put down it is often coated with a topical seal (a seal that sits on the surface of the stone and gives it a shine). This seal will wear and discolour over time so the natural colour of the stone is dulled.

Professional cleaning removes any old seals and polishes and restores it's colour. We recommend sealing the floor after cleaning with an impregnating seal. This sinks into the stone and does not affect its appearence.

Limestone kitchen floor. If the floor is worn we then use diamond pads to hone or polish it, this takes out scratches and gives it an even appearance, either matt/satin or polished depnding on your choice and the type of stone.

Once cleaned and sealed your floor will be easier to maintain. We can also do periodic polishes to maintain its appearence.

Finally, to protect the floor from staining we can protect the stone with an invisible seal. .

Tiled floor. We also clean ceramic and porcelain tiled floors. Though tiled floors are easy to maintain by day to day cleaning they are usually porous and will benefit, particularly the grout, from a professional clean.


Stone kitchen work tops and vanity units and bath surrounds can be cleaned in the same way, removing the etching and stains that inevitably happen.

Marble cleaning Polished marble Travertine vanity unit. Sealed limestone.
Marble before polishing Marble after polishing Travertine vanity unit. Sealed limestone.