What we do


Most carpets, unless they are very worn, can be cleaned successfully.
Most stains will come out, if not completely then enough for you not to notice them.
We can advise you of the method best suited to your carpets.

Hot water extraction cleaning:

Hot water and detergents are sprayed on the carpet and simultaneously extracted with powerful vacuums.This method is sometimes called "steam cleaning", but not because it uses steam, it harks back to Victorian times when carpets were cleaned in steam operated machines.
Remaining stains are then treated individually, leaving the carpet clean and dry in approximately five hours.
We use approved "Wool Safe " products to ensure a long life for your carpet.
Your furniture will be put back in place with foil pads under the feet to protect the carpet.

Carpet dry cleaning.:

Minute sponges containing water and cleaning agents are brushed into the carpet and then vacuumed off.
Though not as effective as steam cleaning it is a safe way to clean "natural" floor coverings like sea-grass, coir and sisal.
We also use this cleaning method with carpets that cannot be wet cleaned (viscose and linen) or if the room needs to be used immediately.


Rugs come in a huge variety of designs.
Rugs that are a standard machine made carpet with a binding we clean in the same way as a fitted carpet, hand woven rugs we will normally take away and clean in our plant.
The quality of many old rugs is such that they will be in a better condition after fifty years than a modern carpet will be after five and it is surprising how well they can be cleaned.
Cleaning involves beating the carpet to remove dry soiling and then washing.

These are a few of the many rugs we have cleaned.

Antique Persian Rug Company,wool Antique Persian Rug Company, wool/silk.
Raffia/Cotton Contemporary wool Contemporary mohair Kasthall, wool
Persian, silk Rug Company wool/silk Contemporary Zeigler style, wool Rug Company wool/silk
Farr rug Antique Indian rug Shag pile rug Antique soumak
Christoper Farr rug Indian antique rug Shag pile rug Antique soumak rug
Rug Co rug Rug Co rug  rug
Matthew Williamson design rug. Rug Co.rug Contemporary rug


With Rubber, Marmoleum and Lino floors cleaning involves stripping off any old polish, scrubbing the floor to remove dirt and applying several coats of polish.
Often these floors are not properly sealed when they are first put down, polish makes them look smarter and much easier to maintain.
Rubber floors are softer, more light sensitive and more porous than marmoleum/lino and can start to look scruffy if not maintained.
We have extensive experience in cleaning both domestic and commercial rubber floors, Dalsouple and other brands, in London and, in most cases, can restore an old floor.

Cleaning and sealing can bring life back to a floor five, ten, or with Lino and Marmoleum, even thirty years old.

Poured resin floor Marmoleum Dalsouple rubberAntique mosaic

Victorian tiles can be cleaned and sealed


We can successfully clean nearly all types of fabrics, the exceptions being those that are very worn or stained.
After thorough vaccuming to remove dry soiling we clean most fabrics with a hot water extraction method.
After being hand cleaned sofas and chairs are extracted to remove the detergents, drying time is approximately three hours.
We successfuly removed water marks from the silk sofa to the right.

Stain resistant finishes:

We can apply stain resistant finishes to new or just cleaned carpet and upholstery. The most well known brand is "Scotchguard". They will make a carpet or fabric resistant to permanent staining but are not a guarantee.
We would recommend them for large areas of pale carpets where you may be eating or drinking.


Will my carpets shrink?
Carpets shrink due to overwetting. Our powerful machines extract nearly all the water, leaving your carpet only slightly damp.
How soon can I use the rooms?
The carpets will normally be dry enough to use in five hours but it is safe to walk on them without shoes before then.
What hours do you work?
We normally work from 8:30 am. to 5:30 p.m. on week days but we can start earlier if you need to go to work.
What areas do you work in?
We are mainly working in Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Wandsworth but we do go to all of central London, between Highgate in the North, Streatham in the South, Dulwich in the East and Chiswick in the West. We will go out of London for larger jobs.
What do we need to do before you come?
We move the main furniture but we ask you to pick up anything on the floor or under beds, toys, books etc. and remove breakables from tables.
What do we need to do when you leave?
Upholstery cleaning causes little or no disturbance. After carpets have been cleaned leave windows open and the heating on in winter to aid drying.
What is "dry" carpet cleaning?
Dry carpet cleaning is a method of cleaning that rubs a powder containing solvents and detergents into the carpets and then vaccums it off. It is a more superficial clean than steam cleaning and is less effective in removing stains. It is useful for cleaning carpets, like viscose carpets that cannot be wet cleaned and "natural" floor coverings like coir, seagrass and sisal. Also used in commercial situations where carpets have to be dry immediately.
What chemicals do you use, are they harmful?
Steam cleaning is done using a specially formulated detergent, similar to any washing detergent. They are Wool Safe products. We will use very small amounts of other products like solvents to remove individual stains but these are extracted from the carpet by the cleaning process
Can seagrass, coir and sisal carpets be cleaned?
We can clean them using the dry cleaning process but any water based stains are unlikely to come out